From Our Private Vault: Premium Numbered TOPGUN Challenge Coins Release

From Our Private Vault: Premium Numbered TOPGUN Challenge Coins Release

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When the Limited Edition Top Gun - TOPGUN Challenge Coin series, of just 200 coins, was first minted, a special cadre of numbers was reserved, held back in the sanctity of our private vault. These weren't just any numbers; they were the elite few, selected for their significance, and safeguarded as the jewels of our collection.

Since then, these premium coins — 008, 009, 086, and 114 — have lain in wait, shrouded in the lore of Top Gun history.

Coin 008 and 009, coveted for their low sequence, as the early vanguards of this illustrious series.

Coin 086 commemorates the very year when Top Gun soared into the hearts of fans worldwide.

Coin 114 is the number that danced on the wings of Maverick's F-14, a number that became synonymous with the spirit of aviation bravery.

In an extraordinary twist of fate, a decision has been made to offer these coveted treasures to you, our VIP members. This isn't just an offer; it's a momentous occasion, a break in the clouds revealing the sun-drenched silhouette of aviation's most storied legacy.

As these are the only four coins available from the sold-out run of 200, their rarity is unmatched. These coins are the pieces sought after by the most discerning of collectors, a testament to the passion that unites us. And with such significance and demand, we anticipate they will be claimed with the speed of a jet on full afterburner.

Enthusiasts, historians, collectors — this is your call to the skies. The chance to own these premium, rare numbers will ignite the competitive spirit of Top Gun fans far and wide. To secure your piece of this legendary tapestry, you must act with the precision and decisiveness of a true aviator.

Once these four coins take flight into the hands of their new guardians, the vault doors will close, and this opportunity will have passed you by — never to be seen again.

Don’t let this moment slip past you by, like a ghost in the clouds. Choose which of the premium numbered coins you want in your collection and secure your elite piece of history before it vanishes into the wild blue yonder.

These coins measure 2 inches in diameter, are 4mm thick and weigh 50 grams. They exude a level of quality that you can truly feel in your hand. 

There is a video of each coin showing its number as well as the incredible detail of these coins. Which coin(s) will you be adding to your collection?

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