From Our Private Vault: Premium Numbered Black Aces Challenge Coins Release

From Our Private Vault: Premium Numbered Black Aces Challenge Coins Release

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When the First Edition Black Aces - VF-41 Challenge Coins were first minted in a limited edition of just 250, a select few numbers were reserved — not just any numbers, but those with inherent prestige, enshrined within our private vault.

These coins, numbered #003, #004, #006, #008, and #009, are the elite vanguards of this illustrious series, coveted for their significant, low sequence.

In a thrilling turn of events, we’ve decided to offer these coveted treasures to our Top Gun Fans VIP members, that's you.

This exclusive opportunity to own a piece of storied aviation history is a privilege we reserve for our most passionate enthusiasts. With these premium numbers being among the most sought-after, their demand is as high as the lofty skies they represent.

For VIPs like you, this offer comes once in a lifetime. The chance to own one of these premium, rare numbers ignites a competitive spirit akin to the dogfights of Top Gun lore. To claim your piece of this legacy, you must act with the precision of a fighter pilot.

These coins, each 2 inches in diameter, 4mm thick, and weighing 50 grams, are not just collector's items but hallmarks of quality and tradition. The detail and craftsmanship speak of a heritage that is palpable in every ounce.

Here is your mission:

  1. View the video, showcasing the stunning detail and the unique number of each coin.
  2. Decide swiftly which of these premium numbered coins will enhance your collection.
  3. Act without delay, for these treasures are as rare as they are revered.

To our VIP members: don't let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity become the one that got away. History shows that the last time we made such an offer, the coins were secured in the blink of an eye, gone as quickly as they appeared. Don't let regret be your wingman.

Claim your elite piece of Top Gun heritage now — before these coins ascend beyond reach, into the annals of aviation legend.

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