Why Top Gun Days 2023 Is A One Time Only Event

Why Top Gun Days 2023 Is A One Time Only Event

As you may have heard from the Top Gun Fans FB group post, the Top Gun Days event in 2023 will be our final event. 

We wanted to share the reasons behind this decision.

We're passionate about the movies and love organizing these unforgettable events. However, it takes an enormous amount of work, and we all have full-time jobs and families. Here are the main reasons why Top Gun Days 2023 will be our last event:

  1. Rising costs: Venue rental in San Diego is expensive, and contractual obligations with vendors have caused prices to spike.
  2. Speaker arrangements: Ten guest speakers will share their experiences from Top Gun and Top Gun Maverick. However, organizing this was a huge undertaking and may not be possible again.
  3. Ticket sales: Slower-than-expected ticket sales have led to a potential revenue shortfall that we must cover personally.
  4. Misinformation campaign: A few individuals tried to derail the event by spreading false information, resulting in lost ticket sales and personal attacks.

Despite these challenges, we're committed to making Top Gun Days 2023 an extraordinary event. This is your only chance to experience something like this, so take it.

I hope this look behind the curtains of organizing Top Gun Days 2023 helps answer why we won't be organizing this event again.


And that's why you must ensure you have a seat at this event. Don't think, just do. Go here now and grab your seat for Top Gun Days 2023. 


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